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Can A 1984 Mustang SVO Beat A New EcoBoost Mustang? [Corbin's Hit Show - Episode 1]

@ May 31, 2017

Corbin and Mike find a 1984 Mustang SVO and start on their quest to make it as quick as a modern EcoBoost Mustang for under $4,000, using a combination of junkyard parts and other stuff.

On episode one of Corbin's Hit Show, Corbin and partner in pick-a-part, Michael Elterman procure a strange, turbocharged-and-airbrushed 1984 Ford Mustang SVO and hatch a plot to use a combination of junkyard parts, a few new bits and sheer force of ill-will to unlock its hidden mechanical potential, and beat a new EcoBoost-powered Mustang in a racetrack challenge.

(story from: The Drive)

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