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Cheap Vs. Expensive Mufflers [Engine Masters - Episode 17]

@ May 07, 2017

In this episode of Engine Masters we explore whether the price of a muffler makes a difference when it comes to performance.

What’s the real difference in power between mufflers that cost $40 each versus $100 each? What’s the power difference between a 2½- and 3-inch exhaust on a mild street engine that only makes about 350 hp? And is it true that “too big a pipe loses torque,” as you hear so often online or at the muffler shop?

Every one of these questions from viewers gets solid, dyno-proven answers in this episode of as we run all the tests with a perfectly average, 350ci small-block Chevy using Thrush and Magnaflow mufflers.

(Watch previous episodes of Engine Masters @ GabeTURBO / Tumblr)

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