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A Celebration Of Speed: 2018 Audi RS Line-Up Mega Track Test

@ March 02, 2018

Motoring Australia takes some of the hottest road-going Audi RS models for a workout at the track. This is a Mega Track Test!

Audi Sport was until recently known as quattro – somewhat confusingly, lithe same branding as Audi’s all-wheel drive systems – and it is the performance equivalent of BMW M or Mercedes-AMG. It is all about fast cars and fun times. Which is what we’re guaranteed to have with this line-up!

From cheapest to most expensive we’ve assembled the new RS 3 Sedan, TT RS Coupe, brand new RS 5 Coupe, RS 6 Avant performance, RS 7 Sportback performance and R8 Spyder.

(by: Motoring Australia)

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