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The New McLaren Senna: Under The Skin Of The 789bhp Track Car [evo Unwrapped]

@ March 02, 2018

In the beginning there was F1, followed 15 years later by the P1 and soon after came the 675LT, a mighty line-up of no holds barred performance cars from McLaren. Now there is Senna. Or rather: the Senna.

The most extreme McLaren road car to date, Senna has been designed to be the quickest track car possible.

And the name is no meaningless cash-in, either. Ayrton’s nephew Bruno Senna has been instrumental in the car’s development and McLaren Automotive has worked closely with the Senna Foundation in order to be able to use the name. A financial contribution will be made to the Senna Foundation for the sale of all the cars.

What will each owner who takes delivery of a Senna be getting, exactly? A 789bhp, 590lb ft, 1198kg (dry) mid-engined road car that looks like it has driven straight out of an LMP pit lane, that’s what.

It may have a passing resemblence to the current cars that are produced in McLaren’s Woking factory, but when you start to pick up the details it’s clear the Senna is something very special.

The Senna is dripping in detail, all of it functional, all of it necessary to be the most extreme and fastest road going McLaren the company has built. In the carbonfibre it looks brutal. To sit in it feels every inch the perfect driver’s car.

The lucky 500 who have been notified by McLaren that their order has been accepted (they are, unfortunately, all sold) will be owners of one the most extreme road cars of 2018 and for many years to come.

(by: evo)

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